Janice Cianflone first discovered drawing as a child,

often using the blank pages of her picture

books for her sketches. She had a natural

affinity for the visual arts and the love of reading


After attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New

York, Janice lived in Manhattan where she

developed a style of conceptual art utilizing

words on textured canvasses. After living and

working in the textile design field, she left

New York to seek a career in art education.

Highly influenced by the artist community around

her, Janice continued to produce fresh work while

she taught art in the public schools. After 20 years

in Massachusetts, Janice returned to West Harrison,

New York, where she was born and raised in a

small community that has seen few changes over

the years.


Janice's art today is much more imaged focused with an abstract sensibility. Inspired by

the stucture,pattern and organization naturally found in landscape, her canvasses come

alive with color and light. While most of her current work consists of oil on canvas,

her favorite medium continues to be pencil on paper. This, she says, is the most

organic and essential way to create art.

autumn reflections







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